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Acupuncture can help xerostomia (dry mouth) that results from radiation therapy

Acupuncture for Xerostomia

Acupuncture can help xerostomia (dry mouth) that results from radiation therapy



“Admittedly, we were initially quite surprised at the beneficial effect of acupuncture under these circumstances; responses were seen in many patients who had previously been quite miserable.”

Johnstone et al, 2001



Xerostomia refers to the experience of a dry mouth and is a common side effect of radiation therapy for head and neck cancers. It can be very distressing and negatively impact on people’s quality of life.


Several studies have looked at the use of acupuncture to help patients experiencing this troubling side effect. Western researchers have difficulty understanding how and why acupuncture can help – but regardless of this lack of understanding, the results so far are very promising.


One group of researchers examined the effect on one acupuncture point on healthy volunteers and discovered changes in saliva flow and brain activity. There is no known function in our scientific world view to explain this effect.


Even though the scientific view can’t explain the effects, studies with patients going through radiation therapy, or with a past history of radiation therapy, suggest that acupuncture may be a very useful treatment for some people with xerostomia as a result of radiation therapy. It can help relieve the symptoms and increase quality of life and wellbeing.


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