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Ideal Birth - Your Step-by-Step Guide to a *Real* Birth Plan


Comprehensive 35-page guide and workbook

Can be used to prepare for any kind of birth - regardless of your choices and preferences

Identify every strength and support that you have in and around you

Clearly define your fears and apprehensions and discover how to greatly minimise their impact

Define the actions and knowledge that are completely tailored to you - your ideal birth plan


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Preparing for Birth (and Beyond!)


23-page guide

Loads of helpful information to prepare you during the lead-up to birth
- plus postpartum recovery


Preparing for birth with acupuncture and acupressure

Natural induction methods, including acupuncture and acupressure

Pain relief during labour with acupressure

Pre-labour changes - "nesting" and "feeling over it" - what they mean

Postpartum recovery, the "Golden Month", changing identities and getting help


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Patient instructions | Morning sickness

Handy tips on how to manage morning sickness and make the most of your acupuncture treatments.

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Natural Pain Relief Techniques for Childbirth Using ACUPRESSURE


Illustrated 22-page guide

Easy-to-follow diagrams

Explanations for each acu-point - when and how to use each one

Learn how some techniques can halve the pain of contractions

Partners feel equipped to support you with easy, effective techniques

Techniques for labour induction, breast-feeding and postpartum recovery


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Acupressure 2-page Summary

A handy summary of the Acupressure Booklet.

2-pages of diagrams to pack in your labour bag.

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Patient instructions | Optimal Foetal Positioning

Excellent advice to all pregnant women, especially in 3rd trimester.

Especially helpful if your baby is in posterior position.

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Patient instructions | Moxa at home

Instructions on how to do your at-home moxibustion (moxa) treatment.

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Patient instructions | Press needles

Information sheet on press-needle home treatment.

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Patient instructions | My Healing Rituals: Daily Practices for Vitality and Wellbeing

A handy cheat-sheet to stick on your fridge or in your journal!

Remind and inspire yourself with affirmations and tips on simple practices to turbo-boost your wellbeing.

This is what you CAN do to take your healing into your own hands.


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Recurrent Miscarriage - Miscarriage Association UK


16-page information booklet produced by the Miscarriage Association UK

Helpful information on possible causes, including unknown cause and how to move forward

Succinct and up-to-date information on tests and treatments

Discusses stress, feelings, hopes and supports



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