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Chinese herbal medicine

Chinese herbal medicine involves the use of plant, mineral and animal substances that have medicinal properties. Although less widely known in the West compared with acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine is extremely effective.

At this Clinic, herbs are available in several convenient forms to suit your busy lifestyle. Water-soluble granules are the most common as they act rapidly and are easy to take. Herbal capsules are a useful alternative and consist of granule herbs inside a capsule. The other form is herbal pills. Pills are less strong than granules or capsules and are especially useful for maintenance treatment once the initial health complaint has been resolved.

If you would like to take herbs in the raw form (requiring cooking in water) then you can take a prescription to a herbal dispensary near you. Herbs can also be applied as tinctures, linaments, ointments, washes or creams for external use.