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Chinese medicine treatments

At your first appointment

At your first visit, your acupuncturist will:

  • review your Health Evaluation form (online form, emailed to you before your appointment)
  • listen to your medical history
  • ask you a series of questions
  • look at your tongue
  • feel your pulse at the wrist
  • perform a physical examination, if necessary


Your Chinese medicine diagnosis

All of this information is woven together to determine your diagnosis in the Chinese medicine framework.
A Chinese medicine diagnosis describes patterns of imbalance or disharmony in your body. We identify issues such as:

  • if the energy or blood flow is stagnant
  • if there is too much or too little energy in different body functions
  • if there is a build-up of unwanted toxicity or stickiness
  • the presence of “heat” (a similar principle to what we call inflammation)
  • the presence of “cold” (normally involving pain or sluggish circulation)
  • the connection between body and mind in your health experience


Your treatment plan

Your acupuncturist will design a course of treatment that encourages your body to correct imbalances so that it can begin to heal itself.

Any of the treatments listed in the “Treatments” menu may be included, to help your body to heal.


Treatment frequency

In the beginning, you will probably find that regular treatments are the best way to start feeling better quickly. Most people come once or twice a week in the beginning, and after three to six treatments you will have a good idea how quickly your body is responding. Your practitioner will discuss treatment frequency with you.


Your treatment goals

We work with you towards your treatment goals, offering our expertise, traditional wisdom and tailored gentle treatments.