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Chinese medicine view of lactation

The Chinese medicine approach to lactation

The written records of Chinese medicine contain a rich and diverse body of knowledge extending back in time, thousands of years into the past. So what does this traditional view say about lactation? How are these principles applied to humans in modern times?...

Recipe: Grilled Caramel Figs

Recipe: Caramel Grilled Figs

Fresh figs are in season around the beginning of Autumn - see if you can catch them at the markets or your local green grocer. Here's an indulgent fig treat...

Free breastfeeding tips

Here's some great info to send to any pregnant women you know. Lactation consultant Pinky McKay has a free tip-sheet relating to the very first breastfeeds - which are usually in hospital.  Getting off to the best start possible will make the breastfeeding relationship between mother...