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3 Things You Can Do Today to Get Enough Water

3 things you can do today to get enough water

3 Things You Can Do Today to Get Enough Water


Being well hydrated is just a matter of a regular inflow of water.

But forgetting to drink all day – then trying to make up for it with loads of water at once – won’t work. It simply makes your kidneys use up a lot of energy to keep everything stable.

Remember… your body loves rhythm and regularity – and good things in moderation!

So here’s a really simple 1-2-3 routine to make sure that you’re well hydrated all throughout the day.


1. When you get up

When you wake up, have a cup of warm-to-hot water. This brings energy into your body to start the day and replenishes the vapour that you’ve breathed out during the night. It starts to wake up your digestive system to be ready to receive breakfast.

Then if you have something like clear soup for breakfast, this counts as another cup of water.

(Are you having ice-cold smoothies, shakes or juices for breakfast? This is not great for those with digestive issues or trying to fall pregnant – contact us to find out more).


2. While you’re preparing meals or snacks

Sip on a cup of water while you’re preparing a meal or snack. If you have this water hot, then the heat energy helps your digestion to prepare for receiving food (cold water will make the energy slow down and can result in poor digestion or tummy aches).

If your meal contains a lot of watery fruit and veg, or is based on clear soup, then this counts as extra water.


3. When you go to the bathroom

If you’re trying to create a habit of regular water sipping, then you can link it to a trip to the bathroom to help you remember. This is especially useful if you forget to stay hydrated while you’re at work.

As you return from the bathroom, grab a cup of water. Bonus if you bring another cup back with you to sip as you work.


Extra step… if you have alcohol, meat, salt or sugar

Using the tips above, it should be quite easy to have 6-8 cups of water or whole-food fluids throughout the day.

If you have a very meaty, salty or sugary meal or snack – or for each serve of alcohol – then add an extra cup of warm-to-hot water to help your body process the extra load. These foods require more from your body to stay balanced, so taking some extra water creates plenty of flow for your body to process and let go of what’s not needed.


Coming next…

Next week we’ll look at some health conditions that can be “cured” with water!



Getting help

Do you often feel thirsty, or get easily dehydrated? Chinese medicine could be the answercontact us to find out how we can help.


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