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Udo’s plant-based “fish oils” with DHA

Udo’s plant-based “fish oils” with DHA


We just keep hearing more about the healing effects of fish oils. They are anti-inflammatory so they’re great for conditions like arthritis or autoimmune disorders where inflammation is a factor.



They also contain DHA, a fatty acid that is essential for brain development and therefore very important for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children, as well as adults who suffer from conditions such as depression, anxiety or stress.

In Chinese medicine, fish oils could be said to nourish the Yin as they have a cooling, nourishing and lubricating quality. As they benefit the brain, we would also say that fish oils strengthen the Kidney organ complex (Chinese medicine makes links between body systems that aren’t immediately obvious from a Western medicine perspective!).

If you keep hearing about all of the amazing benefits of fish oils, but are reluctant to take them because:

  • you’re vegetarian
  • you’re worried about contamination from pesticides, heavy metals and other toxins
  • you don’t like the fishy taste
  • you experience reflux after taking them
  • you can’t get your kids to take them
  • you prefer to get your nutrients from food and not supplements


Then you will be pleased to know that there’s a fantastic Omega-3 oil containing DHA that is:
  • great for vegetarians – contains only plant-derived substances
  • of very high purity, with all ingredients pesticide-free and/or organically grown
  • pleasant, mild tasting and easy to use as part of your normal diet
  • easy to digest for most people
  • kid-friendly – because it’s food, they won’t know they’re having it!!


The key thing that sets this product apart is how they get the DHA – it’s incredibly clever!  You see, fish don’t make their own “fish oils”.  Big fish get fish oils from little fish, and the littlest fish get them from the algae in their diet.


Flax seed

Flax seed


The people at Udo’s Oil have isolated this algae and cultivated it in pristine conditions. The result is a vegetarian source of DHA that is naturally free from contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides, with a naturally mild taste.  They combine this clean DHA with naturally-cultivated, cold-pressed super-food plant oils like flaxseed and evening primrose for Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. The ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 is carefully balanced for optimum health benefits.

This incredible super-food oil can be used in salad dressings, stirred through cooked food, drizzled into smoothies and even mixed into cake icing to make naughty food a bit healthier!!

(When heated, it loses a lot of it’s important health-giving properties, but stirred through cooked food before serving is fine.)


So rather than popping capsules of fish oils or holding your nose while you swallow it in liquid form, why not grab a bottle or two of this amazing natural wonder food and get regular Omega-3, Omega-6 and DHA boosts throughout the day!


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Discounts available for bulk orders.



This post is brought to you by Lois Nethery, acupuncturist and Chinese medicine herbalist at Ocean Acupuncture in Curl Curl on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

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