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Giving Yourself the Gift of Sleep

Giving Yourself the Gift of Sleep

Giving Yourself the Gift of Sleep


Sleep has become something that people in the modern world think they can scrimp on.

Nothing’s happening during sleep, it seems like a waste of time!

Surely that time could be better used sending a few emails, catching up on housework or *ahem* binge-watching the latest TV show…

What we don’t acknowledge, though, is that the activities of daily life are costly.

Sleep is a gift from nature – a gift you can receive every single day


1. Energy

Activity costs us energy. Sleep helps us to recover.


Recharging energy

Waking up in the morning, you feel fresh and ready for the day (if this isn’t you, please come to see us to maximise your sleep quality!).

Then as you go through your daily activities, you are spending energy. By the evening, you feel weary.

You fall asleep, and drift into another realm… it doesn’t feel like eight hours… then when you wake up, you’re full of energy again!

Sleep is like connecting to a cosmic recharger! If you feel irritable, frustrated, indecisive, overwhelmed, exhausted, reactive, “wired and tired” or simply blah – the chances are, your sleep is not serving you well. Come to see us to improve your recharging.


Using energy

Deeper than simply recharging, though, is the reality that we are all born with a finite amount of vitality. The way we use energy is very important.

Think of two candles, exactly the same, lit at the same time.

One candle is kept away from drafts and other movements. The flame is steady and gentle, creating a warm glow.

The second candle is exposed to random gusts of air. This means the wax pools and the flame flickers, so then more flame is applied to make it glow brighter. The light given off is haphazard.

Both candles, going along in this way, will burn down to the end.

The first candle has provided a beautiful steady glow, and may last longer. The second candle has generated uneven flows of wax, created uneven light and been more difficult to maintain.

Our energy expenditure is like this. While awake, we need to try and ensure our energy expenditure is smooth, calm and only enough for what the moment needs, no more.

When we are moving around in the world, our flame is alight – there is a glow, but at a cost – the candle is burning down slowly. Then when we sleep, it’s like the flame is blown out. During this time, there’s no activity – and no using up of that precious wax…

A beautiful glow is good! The answer to a good long life isn’t never light the candle. It’s simply to let the candle glow, then let the candle rest!



Putting it together

Spending energy smoothly while awake, nourishing energy while asleep.

This is key to the whole body operating harmoniously.


2. Transformation and recycling

The other thing about spending energy is that it’s a process of transformation. You draw energy into your body, then you transform it so that you can express yourself in the world. Food is transformed into movement, water into laughter, sunshine into creative projects.

In nature, most transformations create more than one thing. As humans, we tend to label these “resources” versus “waste”. Nature, however, doesn’t make waste. It is simply something becoming transformed into this and that. “This” is further transformed. “That” is further transformed. Endless tranformation – this is the creative principle of nature.

When you do activities during the day, you are creating movements and so on, and also creating things that need to be moved on to be used elsewhere (what we call “waste”). Scientists have discovered that the brain has vessels and fluids and cells that are all involved in removing these wastes and cleansing the brain – and this cleansing ONLY happens during sleep.

Unlike flossing your teeth, washing your hair or countless other “maintenance” tasks that keep your body healthy, this is a deep and powerful cleanse that you don’t need to “do” at all!

Feeling stagnant? Maybe you’re not making the most of this natural deep-cleaning ability that belongs to you. Follow our tips on sleep from this month’s articles, or come to see us to improve your sleep and gain the nourishment you deserve.

When you lie down, switch off, and let go of “doing” – then nature’s intelligence takes care of you!


The gift of sleep

Resting from activity and helping you to sustain a long and peaceful lifeCleansing and recharging you while you rest… Sleep is amazing medicine, given to you – for free – every single day!


Getting help

Sleep problems? Chinese medicine has many solutions for difficult sleep. We differentiate our treatment according to the type of sleep issue, and each type has its own remedy. For example:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Waking at 1-3am, thinking a lot
  • Many dreams that can disturb sleep
  • Sleeping solidly but waking up tired
  • Night sweats

If you have these, or any other sleep issues, please get in touch to find out how we can help.


This post is brought to you by Lois Nethery, acupuncturist and Chinese medicine herbalist at Ocean Acupuncture in Curl Curl on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Disclaimer - Ocean Acupuncture is a natural medicine centre of independent health practitioners. The views expressed in this blog are the author's only and do not necessarily reflect the views of all Ocean Acupuncture practitioners. The information presented in this blog, and on the Ocean Acupuncture website, is for interest and educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for health or medical information or advice. For health or medical advice, please consult your health professional.

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